The Absolute Best Testosterone Booster For Women [2022 Round-Up]

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Looking for the best testosterone booster for women, but worried about wasting your money on useless products with filler ingredients? Well look no further, we’ve got all the answers in this article.

Testosterone boosting supplements are often marketed toward men – you’ve probably seen the commercials with aging athletes overselling you on the benefits of a test supplement… with benefits found in the gym AND the bedroom!

But what you probably haven’t heard is that women can get just as many benefits from test boosters – including balancing hormones, lessening mood swings, and increasing strength gains in the gym.

Lately there has been a big boost in the number of women interested in increasing their testosterone and curious about the gains they could receive in the gym with a natural supplement.

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Each of our featured testosterone supplements are made with natural ingredients that are safer than using any synthetic steroids – lab made products that can cause a giant list of potential side effects.

Women everywhere are starting to learn about the benefits of increasing testosterone. Proper T levels can ever help to regulate your menstrual cycles.

So if you are looking to tone up, improve mood, increase motivation and focus, keep on reading to see our list and find out who’s the best of the best.

#1 Testosterone Booster

Testofuel bottle

Testo Fuel – Our Top Pick

This test booster contains the top testosterone boosting ingredients, including D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D and Oyster Extract. Additionally, TestoFuel also contains Vitamin B6 which helps with protein metabolism.

Now that you have the basics principles of how these supplements works and how it can benefit you, let’s get into the list of the best of the best. To create our list, we looked at quality of ingredients, effectiveness of blend, user reviews and price

Remember, everyone’s physiology is different, so you may want to try more than one until you find the best fit for you. Let’s jump into it!


Testofuel bottle

Top Benefits


Have you noticed a dip in energy lately, a lack of desire for intimacy, or more irritable and moody than normal? Each of these symptoms are classic hallmarks of low testosterone levels in women. TestoFuel has all of the ingredients needed to fix this problem.

TestoFuel is made using only 100% natural ingredients – you can feel safe taking this product knowing only the good stuff was put in. 

TestoFuel works not by replacing the testosterone in your body – like dangerous synthetic steroids do – but by safely stimulating your body to make more of it’s own hormones. 

TestoFuel has helped many women tone up their entire body, balance and improve their mood and even increase their sex drives. Try it out yourself and let us know how you feel!

*Individual results may vary. Please consult with your physician before undertaking any new regimen or supplements.

Test-1 Boost

Test-1 Supplement

Top Benefits


Listen up here ladies: we’ve all had periods where we were feeling down and out, sluggish and weak. You don’t feel like your usually spunky, bubbly self who loves to get after it. While we all experience phases like this, if it lingers it might just be something more than a bad week – it could be a hormonal imbalance.

With Test-1 Booster, you will support your bodies own natural testosterone boosting production – balancing your hormones with 100% natural ingredients. No sythethic scary stuff here, only potent herbs that work with your body to jumpstart your workouts and mood.

You’re going to love the way you feel – more energy at work, in the gym, and red hot excitement in the bedroom. We love this formula and recommend it to any women who thinks they could use a boost.

*Individual results may vary. Please consult with your physician before undertaking any new regimen or supplements.

Hunter Test

Hunter Test preworkout

Top Benefits


Made by the specialist supplement company Roar Ambition, Hunter Test has been recently released as the companies flagship testosterone booster. 

Containing Vitamin D3, Vitamin K12, D-Aspartic Acid, Magnesium, Zinc and more, all in high quantities, Hunter Test uses proven natural ingredients to deliver powerful results.

One thing we would have liked to see with this formula are more B Vitamins, but you can easily rectify this by taking a B vitamin complex in addition to Hunter Test.

What really sets Hunter Test apart from the competition is that a bottle contains an epic amount of capsules, 180 to be exact! This equates to a month supply, so you are getting much more value from each bottle.

While Hunter Test is a premium priced supplement, you can get deals on buying multiple bottles at once. Supplements like Hunter Test work best when you combine them with high intensity exercises and a healthy diet.

*Individual results may vary. Please consult with your physician before undertaking any new regimen or supplements.

What are the Benefits for Women who take a Test Booster?

When you think testosterone, most of us envision manly physiques and unbridled confidence, and maybe a rage cage or two.

In truth, you might actually be surprised at what a small increase in testosterone can do for you. Hormone levels work best when they’re balanced – and you can probably attest to the craziness that can befall even the most sane individual when hormones are out of whack.

The fact of the matter is, it isn’t just men who need testosterone to perform at their best, women need it as well to support muscular growth and proper function, healthy libido levels and a clear mind.

You might think that you’ll turn into a huge mass of muscle with incredible rage (like our buddy the Incredible Hulk), but that will only happen if you are injecting the synthetic stuff. 

natural testosterone booster functions more to gently raise the natural testosterone in your body and balance it out when compared to estrogen levels – which is crucial for healthy body function.

Which Ingredients are Worth the Money?

If you are new to the world of testosterone supplements, it can be daunting to try and research each individual ingredient in a given supplement.

Just to make things more difficult, some shady supplement companies hide their ingredient list in what they call a “propreitary blend“, or as I call it a scam.

If you don’t know what a proprietary blend is, it is when some manufacturers will hide many ingredients in one “mixture”, without specifying the exact amounts of each ingredient. This is usually a way to put filler ingredients in to boost the overall amount of supplement.

To find a quality supplement, you want to research the ingredients in the formulation and turn a blind eye to the flashy marketing and big labels on many of the most popular products. See our High T Black booster review for an example of a product with transparent labeling.

That is our job here at Ultimate Core Health, we dive deep and find the best products on the market and present them to you wholesale.

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1. D-Aspartic Acid – This amino acid is vitally important for your body, and is important in regulating testosterone synthesis as well as growth hormone and in increasing muscle mass. Studies have shown that supplementing with D-Aspartic Acid for 90 days increased their testosterone levels by 30 – 60%.

2. Vitamin D – Ah, the sunshine vitamin. Thinking about this vitamin conjures up dreams of sunshine rays and warm tropical days – at least for me! Increasing your vitamin D stores may boost testosterone and boost other health related measurements.

3. Zinc – This essential dietary mineral is imperative for your immune system to function properly and for your body to make testosterone. Some foods that have high levels of zinc are oysters, beef, crab, beans and chicken. Eat your protein!

4. DHEA – Several studies have shown that taking DHEA may help stimulate testosterone production and improve exercise performance.

5. Ginseng – In this clinical study, the use of Asian ginseng was shown to significantly increase the plasma amount of total and free testosterone. Ginseng is also an aphrodisiac that can work to increase libido.

When To Take a Test Supplement For Best Results

The absolute best time to take your testosterone booster is in the morning with breakfast, or right before going to bed. You will wake up with more energy and it will sustain throughout the day. 

Some recommend taking this supplement before or right after working out, but it will have no effect on your workout taking it in this fashion. Boosting your testosterone isn’t like a preworkout – balancing hormone levels happens slowly over time and affects your body throughout the day, it isn’t a quick effect like caffeine.

Summary - Wrap It Up in a Pretty Bow

We’ve laid out all the information in this article to finding the best possible testosterone booster for women using all the knowledge out there. Here at Ultimate Core Health we put the time and research in for you, so you know that choosing any supplement from this list will be a win. The challenge now is finding the booster that works best for your individual physiology, so try some out and see how you feel!

If you want to purchase a product that is not on the list, remember that the number one thing you need to be looking for is quality and quantity of ingredients. Look for a product that contains the best ingredients listed above and in the right amounts. Also, look for user reviews by women that validate your assumptions.

Have you tried one of the products listed above or found another product that trumps our list? Let us know! Leave a comment below or send us a message, we love to hear feedback from you!

To wrap it all up, we found that TestoFuel provides the most value for the money, with quality ingredients and in the right amount.


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