Brain Power

Who else here has trouble getting all of their essential vitamins, minerals, every crucial protein, amino acid, co-factor (the list goes on) in day after day? I can barely keep up with all the suggestions flying at me from every new “guru” or health-know-it-all out there. Just the confusion of trying to find the right […]

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Can 2 Pills in The Morning Lead To Cognitive Enhancement? Welcome to the future – nootropics and biohacking are here to give us a leg up on nature. If you are unfamiliar, nootropics (or “smart drugs”) are almost like brain food – they are specially formulated to boost brain function, focus, concentration and improve memory.

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Improving your memory provides benefits to all aspects of your life – you don’t have to be aging to want to strengthen your brain and retention skills. Through a combination of techniques and supplements you can turn your brain into an iron trap for information. So if you’re looking to become the next Bradley Cooper

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