Ah the age old debate, should I use a mass gainer or stick to whey protein if I’m a skinny guy trying to bulk up? (OK, so maybe it’s not quite an age-old debate, but we’d argue it’s one worth having!). Both products are commonly used to put on muscle and mass, and they have […]

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If you are looking for a good cardio workout, a stair stepper machine is a fantastic option. Using a stair stepper works your heart and lungs, and can help you burn calories quickly. But that’s not all – using a stair stepper also helps to build muscle in your legs and glutes. Here we will

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Working on your flexibility can be a frustrating experience for a lot of us, especially when it appears to come so easily to some! Although there are some uncommon people that are naturally very flexible, most of us have to work very hard to slowly lengthen the muscles. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had trouble

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Looking for the best testosterone booster for women, but worried about wasting your money on useless products with filler ingredients? Well look no further, we’ve got all the answers in this article. Testosterone boosting supplements are often marketed toward men – you’ve probably seen the commercials with aging athletes overselling you on the benefits of

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The kettlebell: one of my personal favorite workout tools, and one that I feel is underutilized by many. Some only see kettlebells as a tool for functional training, but in reality they are marvelous for bodybuilding and aesthetic training as well. Kettlebells provide for a larger range of motion than barbells or even dumbbells, helping

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CBDMuscle Introduction – What Is It? If you’ve made it to this page, you are probably looking for a way to speed up your recovery after a muscle-tearing workout – allowing you to get back in the gym faster and workout harder. We’re going to review a new product on the scene that claims to

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There is always a lot of debate among gym-goers and any one looking to perfect their physique – how many times a week should a certain body part or muscle group be trained? If you are looking to gain maximum size, this question is particularly important as you do not want to overwork a muscle

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Most of us would love to be physically fit and feel in shape. It brings with it a sense of confidence and well-being that is hard to find elsewhere. Some of us have the drive to be fit (I bet you do, since you are reading this review), but lack the time it takes to

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Cardio Cuts 3.0 is a pre-cardio shake designed to burn off fat and energize your workouts to keep you going longer and harder. The original Cardio Cuts was one of the first thermogenic weight loss shakes that worked similar to pre-workout powders like Cellucor C4 and Red Leaf Pre Workout Energizer Powder, but specifically for

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Have you ever gotten that feeling that you aren’t progressing in your workouts, like you’re stuck in a rut? Has the weight on the bar stayed stagnant for 2 weeks or more? Maybe you aren’t getting that same pump that you used to achieve after a serious workout… If these descriptions are ringing true for

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