Dumbbell Domination Review – Worth The Money?

Most of us would love to be physically fit and feel in shape. It brings with it a sense of confidence and well-being that is hard to find elsewhere. Some of us have the drive to be fit (I bet you do, since you are reading this review), but lack the time it takes to build a truly incredible body.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but it still rings true: these days it feels like we are constantly in a rush or busy doing something, and it’s just hard to find time to make it to the gym everyday.

Away from home on travel? Don’t have time to cook, clean, work AND make it to the gym? Do you want to choose your own adventure and decide how challenging you want your workout to be every day? Maybe you are looking for a guide with some of the best free weight exercises in one program?

If so, the Dumbbell Domination program was created with you in mind. With Dumbbell Domination, you can workout from home or on the road and customize your workouts based on your strength level and how you are feeling that particular day.

So, what exactly is this program, and is it worth your hard-earned money and time? We take a look at the Dumbbell Domination at-home workout guide in our detailed review.

What is the Dumbbell Domination At Home Workout Program?

Dumbbell Domination is an online workout guide that includes 18 workouts that can be tailored for your individual skill set. What I mean by tailored is that Jen Comas (the creator of Dumbbell Domination) has created 3 different intensity levels to each workout, so you can choose the one that works best for you. Of course, you can also choose what dumbbell weights to use to further personalize the workouts.

The exercises all involve dumbbells, so it is really the only piece of equipment you need to start the program. There are a few exercises that utilize steps or boxes, but they are not mandatory and the workouts will be just as effective without them.

Each exercise comes with photos, description and a video to fully break down each movement.

All of the 18 workouts can be done in 25 minutes or less, so they won’t take up too much of your time. Jen recommends doing 3 workouts a week, which would give you a 6 week program that is quite challenging. You can also add the workouts to your existing regimen or cycle them around to your choosing, giving you a bunch of options to choose from.

One of the best things about Dumbbell Domination is that the workouts can be done from just about anywhere – giving you the flexibility to work out when and where it’s convenient for you. This makes it perfect for mothers who can’t leave their child for long, traveling salesmen or entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants a fast workout that is still challenging.


Dumbbell Domination Features

  • 18 different workouts, each with three different intensity levels
  • Good for beginners through advanced levels
  • Delivered instantly to your email – get started on your fitness journey immediately
  • Each dumbbell workout can be done in less than 25 minutes
  • A pair of dumbbells is all you need to start
  • Well designed and organized PDF
  • Designed to focus on metabolic conditioning, weight training, and freedom of choice
  • 60 Day Money back guarantee
  • Easy to get a hold of Jen (jen[at]jencomas[dot]com) and ask questions
  • Works best with 2 sets of dumbbells (one heavier, one lighter)

Who is Dumbbell Domination For?

If you read the product page, you’ll notice that dumbbell domination is mainly marketed toward women, but these workouts work equally well for men. I personally love free weight exercise programs, the extra difficulty that comes from controlling the weights will really work your muscles.

Dumbbell Domination was created for anyone who wants a quality workout plan they can use anywhere and anytime. Even if you have a ton of equipment, or just a pair of free weights, you can make use of this program.

Where to Find Dumbbells

You can find dumbbells in most every sporting goods store, they can be fairly expensive though so if you are trying to save money, you might want to try a second hand sporting goods store.

Jen recommends beginners use 10 – 15 lbs, while intermediate and advanced users should shoot for 20 – 30 lbs.

Another good option is looking at Walmart or Amazon for some good deals – Walmart often offers free shipping so you could save a good amount of money there.

Dumbbell Domination works best with two sets of dumbbells, one lighter and one a little heavier. One good option are adjustable dumbbells, which allow you to choose the weight that is right for you for that particular workout. So instead of having a whole rack full of dumbbells, you’ll just have one pair!

About the Author

Dumbbell Domination was created by Jen Comas, co-founder of Girls Gone Strong and head coach of the Strongest You Coaching program. She’s a nutrition coach, NASM certified personal trainer, USAW Level One weight lifting coach, and a 200 hour yoga instructor.

Dumbbell Domination came from her work with hundreds of women – while working with them, she noticed that there were three things holding back many women from improving their fitness – time constraints, ability and or desire to join a gym, and the desire to customize and change their workouts.

My Thoughts On Dumbbell Domination

The program advertises 18 different workouts, and each workout comes with three different intensity levels that you can choose from. These workouts include variations on dumbbell calf raises, squats, dead lifts, and all have been chosen as they provide the most effective dumbbell workouts at home. The workouts are designed to improve metabolic conditioning (meaning you burn more calories throughout the day), improve strength and overall fitness, and give you the freedom to choose your workout.

These 18 workouts (54 workouts if you count the various intensity levels available) can be divided to create a 16 week program that WILL challenge you if you put the work in. They are each around 25 minutes or less and they will have your heart pumping and blood flowing pretty quickly. The workouts are designed to be done 3 times per week, and over each week you will challenge the entire body. Workouts are spaced far enough apart to give you time to recover as well. Jen Comas has combined some of the best dumbbell exercises into one easy to follow program.

The PDF you get with the program is very well-laid out and each exercise and workout is broken down and explained thoroughly. Even if you are a beginner, you should have no problem following the workouts.

One con of this program is that you don’t get any updates or additional workouts after purchase, but with the different intensity levels there are enough workouts to last you a good while.

To fully utilize this program, you should have two sets of dumbbells at a minimum, one heavier and one lighter. Just having one pair is fine though, I started off with one pair and purchased a second a few weeks into the program. As far as weights go, Jen recommends Beginners use 10 – 15 lbs dumbbells, and intermediate and advanced users should go with 20 – 30 lbs dumbbells. You will be moving around and lifting these weights in some different ways, so they shouldn’t be too heavy or you won’t get the full intensity of each workout.

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Dumbbell Domination Testimonials and Insight

This is Angela’s take on Dumbbell Domination. Angela is a researcher and lecturer at Yale University.


How To Buy Dumbbell Domination

Dumbbell Domination is sold online, through the online marketplace Clickbank. If you are ready to take on the challenge and get started on your quest to fitness and an amazing body, click below to purchase Dumbbell Domination and start kicking some butt!

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