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I was losing energy rapidly at the gym, I couldn’t do the weight I normally could and the reps just weren’t coming as easy as I was used to. What could be the problem?

The culprit was low testosterone. Testosterone slowly diminishes as we age, and some of us are born with less testosterone than others.

The market has seen a sharp rise in the number of testosterone boosting supplements being sold, as studies have shown that the hormone testosterone is strongly correlating with energy, mental well being and that overall good feeling many describe with the word “youthful”. Not surprisingly, the amount of supplements on the market which claim to increase testosterone has exploded. This has made it pretty tricky to tell what the best product out there is.

The old school way to increase testosterone is by injecting it directly – something that might work for bodybuilders but for the average Joe? Not so much.

Enter natural testosterone boosters. These use proven ingredients to safely and efficiently boost testosterone levels within the body, making it feel like you’ve gotten younger. Sounds like a win-win proposition to me.

But which booster works the best? One of the top on the market right now seems to be Testx180 Ignite.

Test X180 Ignite is a testosterone boosting supplement manufactured by Force Factor and distributed internationally by GNC. The product information claims to safely increase testosterone levels, which are correlated with increased muscle, lower depression and enhanced sex drive. Test X180 is unique in that in also contains caffeine and ECGC, the antioxidant found in green tea – to burn more calories and decrease appetite.

So a product that boosts your muscle building capacity while also helping you burn fat? This combination of ingredients really intrigued me, as it seems to make it the “perfect” supplement to go along with your gym routine.

What is Test X180?

Let’s take a look at some of the product info:

Test X180 Ignite is advertised to boost testosterone naturally, using time-tested ingredients that are proven to increase testosterone in adults. The main testosterone boosting ingredient is Fenugreek, which has been shown in studies to increase test, at least marginally (R). The exact mechanism of action for fenugreek is still not completely understood (R).

The other active ingredients are Tribulus Terrestris, Ginseng and Cordyceps. These ingredients plus the fenugreek fuse to form the “Manliness Ignition Matrix”, according to GNC. Pretty impressive name, that’s for sure.

These natural ingredients work together to improve blood flow throughout the body and help intensify libido. The product also contains a blend of vitamins including vitamins D, B12 and B6 to enhance physical and mental performance.

ECGC and caffeine are included to boost weight loss and decrease appetite. This study shows that ECGC (one of the active ingredients in green tea) increases thermogenesis (heat production) and promotes fat oxidation (R). ECGC has also been linked to a host of other health benefits, so really weight loss is just a side effect of an overall healthy body.

A Trustworthy Name

Test X180 is distributed by GNC, a nationally known brand. Having a major retailer backing you shows this product has been tested by consumers and is being purchased regularly. I believe GNC’s backing makes this product more trustworthy than the multitude of other testosterone boosters on the market. Many of these other products contain tons of filler ingredients that don’t do much for the user’s T levels.

Let The People Decide

Reviewers say that Test X180 is “a little costly but totally worth it” (R). Consumers have noted weight loss in the 4 – 5 lbs mark, as well as feeling better and more positive overall. Most say they feel increased energy levels, and those who used it along with gym training said they were able to do more reps in the gym and go for a longer period of time overall.

Some reviewers said the formula didn’t do much for them, or that the results were not quite up to their expectations. They noticed some results, but not enough to justify the price. Like all health products, everyone reacts differently so this is not surprising to see.

Overall, Test X180 seems to do the job it sets out to do. The ingredients have scientific backing and are combined in a very intelligent way. The combination of ECGC and testosterone boosters makes for a very potent formula. While it is somewhat expensive, the combination of increased energy, better muscle gain and weight loss makes the product well worth it.

Here is a roundup of the best legal testosterone boosters on the market today.

Test X180 – 60 Capsules – Force Factor – Hardcore Supplements


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