Red Tea Detox Recipe Review – Scam or Legit? (Updated 2022)

The Red Tea Detox is a brand-new cleansing weight loss program that works to detoxify the body and shed pounds, quickly and most importantly, safely. 

Red Tea Detox allows nearly anyone to lose 14lbs in just 14 days or less.

In this Red Tea Detox review I will outline for you exactly what this exciting program entails and the results you can expect to achieve.

Red Tea Detox book cover

The Red Tea Detox program is based on more than a decade of research, spanning over 500 medical studies as well as almost three years of real-world testing. This is the first element that drew me to this program – the science that backs up this product.

The tea works in perfect harmony with your body to:

Introduction To Red Tea Detox

Obesity and weight loss have become an all too common problem in not only the United States, but across the world. The preponderance of high calorie and low nutrient dense foods make it easy to gain weight quickly.

For many years now, scientists, herbal chemists and increasingly the general public have come to know about the weight loss powers of green tea. It has been shown that green tea contains powerful antioxidants like ECGC and other polyphenols that help to prevent the formation of free radicals within the body.

Red Tea contains 50% more antioxidants that green tea and helps prevent the feelings of hunger, making it easy to say no to bad foods like cake and processed foods. Red tea also boosts metabolic rate which increases the rate of fat burn in the body.

Red tea also helps to regulate blood sugar, reduce excessive fat production and lowers the stress hormone, cortisol. Unlike green tea, red tea has no caffeine, which can be a problem for some and can make it hard to sleep at night if you are not used to it.

What Is In The Red Tea Detox Program?

The Red Tea Detox is a brand new program created by Liz Swann Miller, an Amazon best-selling author. The program is designed to rid the body of harmful toxins, creating the perfect environment for quick and sustained weight loss.

The program contains the recipe for Red Tea, which is surprisingly easy to create. In fact, you probably have many of the ingredients in your home right now!

The program is broken down into 3 sections that guide you through your weight loss journey.

Diet: Detoxifying and Cleansing Foods and Drinks

The first part of the program describes in detail the importance of detoxification, and how you must perform this step in order to maximize your weight loss efforts. In modern society, there are truly toxins all around us – there is smog in the air, dangerous chemicals in the food and water we ingest and even in the products we use. Our bodies can only filter so many of these toxins before it needs some help from an outside source.

The program contains an in-depth and thorough explanation of common toxins that effect our bodies and how they are keeping your metabolism from reaching it’s full potential. My favorite section is the detail it goes into on which energy-rich foods can help you burn fat fast.

In this section, you’ll receive the red tea recipe (which is easy and cheap to make at home), as well as a complete 14 day meal plan that will jump-start your detoxification and weight loss efforts. Included are recipes that fill you up without bombarding your body with too many calories, as well as recipes for healthy snacks that keep your metabolism running at full potential throughout the day.

The Red Tea Detox Phase 1: Days 1 – 5; The Red Tea Detox Phase 2: Day 6; The Red Tea Detox Phase 3: Days 7 and 8; Phase 4: Calorie Restriction Based on BMR.

Exercise: Double Your Weight Loss Efforts

The exercise section was created to complement the diet portion of the Red Tea Detox program, containing supercharged exercises that assist you in melting body fat faster than normally possible. 

When combined with the metabolism boosting diet and Red Tea, these quick and effective routines can double your weight loss efforts and have fat melting off your body with every movement.

The Power of The Mind: Motivation, Willpower and Mindset

This section is all about getting your mind in the right state to reduce stress and keep you motivated about losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. It delves into some of the most common myths about willpower and reveals some startling facts that show you the true underlying realities of motivation. 

Understanding these can revolutionize your weight loss and the effects will improve your overall life. While this may seem like a tacked on section at first glance, this is actually one of the most vital parts of the program and will help you lose weight faster than ever before, and keep it off for good. Controlling your mind is controlling your life.

Who Was The Red Tea Detox Diet Plan Created For?

The Red Tea Detox plan works equally well for men and women, or if you want to lose a little or a lot of fat. Regardless of your weight loss goal, it can help you quickly achieve it.

This system is perfect for anyone concerned about their health or who wants to cleanse their body and start fresh – the way I feel after detoxing is second to none. I really feel like a whole new person, ready for any challenges the day presents to me. 

If you have stubborn fat around your belly, butt, thighs or face, this program is perfect for you. The Red Tea Detox helps you rebalance your fat hormones and unleash your metabolism so it’s working for you and actively making your life better.

How Does It Work?

The Red Tea Detox is an easy to follow detox diet plan that is backed by sound scientific principles. The five herbal ingredients in the tea work in harmony to transmit signals from your brain to your fat cells – telling them to release shrink and release excess weight. It allows you to shrink your fat cells without any feelings of hunger.

In a landmark study that was first published in Phytomedicine: International Journal of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacology (IJPP), researchers showed that Red Tea prevents new fat cells from forming and caused existing fat to metabolize faster (R)

Red Tea is also high in polyphenols, antioxidants that are espeically good at burning belly fat and giving you a trimmer tummy and waist (R).

This amazing tea also increases leptin secretion, a hormone that is also known as the satiety hormone. That’s because when the levels of this hormone increase, you feel more full and is how your body knows that it is time to stop eating.

And that is just one ingredient in this powerful program – each section works synergistically with one another to flush toxins and burn fat.

To sum it all up:

Results show that this tea works to prevent new fat cells from forming, causes existing fat to metabolize faster, makes you feel fuller longer and even burns belly fat at an increased rate. Not too shabby. Combine this program with our 15 essential weight loss tips and trust me, you will lose weight. And lots of it.

Are There Side Effects To The Red Tea Detox?

The Red Tea Detox program is completely safe and side effect free. This powerful tea works with your body, not against it to maximize weight loss, protect cells from free radicals and help you feel full while eating less. 

This program focuses on natural ingredients and whole foods in their recipes, helping to clear your body of dangerous toxins and chemical byproducts.

Red Tea Detox Pros and Cons


  • Improve overall health and fitness, learn techniques for enhancing willpower and pushing your motivation to the max
  • 60 Day Money Guarantee, if you are unsatisfied for any reason simply request and refund within 60 days and receive your money back
  • Facebook Support Group with nearly 150,000 members
  • Complete step by step guide that walks you through each part of the program and ensures your success
  • Product is delivered instantly – no waiting around for shipping


  • You have to go to the store to get the ingredients to make the red tea
  • Requires dedication to achieve lasting results

Is Red Tea Detox Legit?

Yes, Red Tea Detox is provided through Clickbank, and offers a rock solid 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, simply request a refund and you will receive your money back. So you really have nothing to lose, except weight, brain fog, and bad foods from your life! 


Red Tea Detox Bonus Gifts

As of writing this review, the Red Tea Detox program currently offers 4 bonus products to customers, included in your purchase free of charge!

Limited Time Offer! $20 Off The Entire Program!

  • 100 Great Tasting Green Smoothie Recipes for Fat Loss

  • Ultimate Super Food Guide

  • 5 Detox Methods of Celebrities

  • Effortless Weight Loss Hypnosis DVD

Final Thoughts on The Red Tea Detox

The Red Tea is easy and cheap to make, and this weight loss recipe activates your body’s natural abilities to burn fat and releases toxins that are clogging up your body. The recipe takes only 5 ingredients and can be purchased in almost all grocery stores. It works to shrink fat cells while blocking feelings of hunger, helping to shed massive weight from your body.

While this is a weight loss and detoxification product, the benefits don’t end at your waistline. It works to improve focus, concentration and overall vitality, helping you wake up each morning energized and ready to tackle the day.

I hope you found this review helpful and let me know if you tried the Red Tea Detox program and what you thought about it.

Remember, there is a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase, for ANY REASON.

Thanks, and have a healthy and fulfilling day. Cleanse and detoxify your body today and unleash your full potential!

Red Tea Detox Full Program
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